Monday, August 2, 2010

Jason Wu Inspired

Jason Wu  Pre-fall 2010 Collection
More of Jason Wu's Pre-fall 2010 Collection

I made these patterns myself, to recreate Jason Wu's design.

This is what came out of it, minus the lace. Would have loved to have added the lace!

I made this dress along with the patterns when I took a pattern making class in the winter. This was actually my final project for the class. The purpose of the project was to choose a designer and recreate a red carpet dress but with slight alterations. I had to make my own patterns, cut and sew. I'm happy to say that I got an "A" for it. Plus it was exhibited in the undergraduate exhibition at my school. It did not come out perfect, but I tried my best! It sort of fits me, well except for the bodice part. It is a tad bit larger actually. lol This is probably one of  my best works so far. I'm in the process of starting some new projects I have for myself. Gotta keep myself busy! :) Anyway, hope you guys are having a great day! Thanks for reading! ;)


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  1. Beautiful dress! ^^

  2. I am teaching myself some pattern making right this second! it is so hard! I hope I can get up to as that good! they don't offer these classes in my city, only some shitty not made to measure do it yourself book. eeek!

    thanks for the nice comment! <33

  3. This is so great! It looks so good! Well done! :D I love to keep myself busy too with things like these :D


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