Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine, daisies, buttermellows

Well, in these images I am wearing a floral jumper that I bought at the local thrift store. The jumper was $6! I got my bag at the Salvation Army on Pico Blvd for $4. As for my sandals well...I got them at Payless during the winter when they were on clearance. So far my feet don't stink, but they're comfy!

Based on what I just told you, you will notice I like to thrift shop. It's not just about the price (my boyfriend tells me I'm cheap lol), but you know, its also the fact that whatever I find there won't be as over-worn and burnt-out like apparel from stores like Forever 21. (I do shop there too sometimes...its a guilty pleasure... :|) So now you know a little about my shopping preferences. :)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Bio

Hello Everyone! This is Daisy speaking. I describe myself as a girl who loves the art of Fashion Design (but majoring in Fashion Merchandising). Even though I really suck at sketching, I love to create something from paper or thoughts into something that is three dimensional. I enjoy sewing, altering thrift store goods, and making handmade things. Apart from these things I enjoy spending time with family, boyfriend, and friends. I also enjoy things like learning, eating, chocolate, shopping at thrift stores and flea markets, music, shopping in general, art, movies, animals, and other things that I can't think of at the moment.

I started this blog because I was terribly bored. I might be super late on starting this at the age of 21, most people start their blogs at the age of 6. But oh well! So, my purpose here is to hopefully keep up with a weekly post about i don't know...maybe the outfit of the week, or the highlight of the week or...you know that sort of stuff. Ok then, I will post a post sometime in the next coming days... :)