Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floral Drape

F21 Necklace
Found at the thrift store couple of months ago
First things first, thanks to those who have commented on my posts! Makes me feel very happy that I actually have a few readers out there! lol Ok now, in one of my earlier posts I mentioned something about projects...well, this was one of them. It took me a while to post about it, but I finally finished! So I don't know if you also saw one of my earlier posts on Jason Wu? Well this dress is pretty much similar to its design except this is on a nice floral cotton fabric. I loved the dress so much that I decided to make it once more but in different fabric. You guys won't believe me when I tell you, but this fabric cost 50cents! It was a scrap that was long enough to make this dress. By the way thanks to my little sister, I owe her because well it was hers at first, but she was nice and sweet enough to let me have it. I will repay her by making her something nice! :) You hear that Tushka!? lol I'm very happy with the results, it came out way better than the last one. It actually fits me perfectly, I made sure of that! lol Well, I hope you guys keep coming back to me. I have more projects in mind, I'm hoping it wont take me so long next time. Well, have nice day you guys!



  1. Love your dress! and those necklaces are amazing!

  2. muchas gracias por tu coment!!! :)

    Me encantan los drapedos¡¡¡¡tu colgantes son geniales¡¡¡¡¡¡

    un besoooo

  3. wow amazing dress, looks great on you!

  4. hello daisy! thanks for your comment!
    i really love your dress, is amazing!! and the necklace is very similar as the dress!

    i will visit you very soon!

    kisses from

  5. Gorgeous dress! Love your accessories.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Cute dress! xo

  7. Hi thanks for the comment and I'm happy you enjoyed my post..:)

    I love your dress and accessories too!!! <3

  8. you´re gorgeous!
    and you dont have to translate the recipe, i´ve got it in english :)
    hope you will like it :)

  9. beautiful floral dress! and nice blog!

    One question: Which school do u attend?
    is it in los angeles too?

    i would lookin forward for an answer

    thank you in advance :)

  10. Very nice dress..Nice blog..You are so cute :DD

  11. You made that dress! Wow! It looks fantastic on you. I love the drape feature. Well done!

    Embracing Style

  12. Bonito vestido!!
    El collar es precioso y muy romantico.
    Besos desde España.

  13. Your dress is beautiful and I love your necklaces *-*

  14. I love the dress, really jealous of it :)

  15. Lovely dress and neckless!

  16. Merci d'être passée et merci pour ton commentaire ! in english... Hum.... Thanks for coming..? and thanks for your sweet comment!

    Des bisous de CELINE&CHARLOTTE

  17. You're so nice sweetie!
    I love your matched necklace! :D

    Anna - sheisAGNIE!


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