Saturday, August 21, 2010

Il grande Ferragamo!

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Another great collection for Fall 2010. This one is from Salvatore Ferragamo! This collection is one of my very favorites, the rich color palette, the contrasts, the forms, the combination of textures, its just awesome! These hues are very in for the fall, by the way. I really love these colors apart from the ones used in Nanette Lepore's collection. My absolute favorite was the belted cardigan with contrasting pockets. But I mean they're all beautiful. Well, hope you enjoyed! I just wanted to leave you with that before I start my Saturday. What great things are you guys doing today? I'm going to see my boyfriend's band play today! I'm excited because they haven't played in a long while. Hope you guys have an amazing day!


p.s. Make sure to stop by again soon, I have many DIY's I want to share with you! ;)


  1. I really like the black cape. Very nice. Cute blog too x

  2. Well today it's my boyfriend's birthday party and he's doing a lady gaga inspired show for the guests.

  3. great silhouettes
    loving the second all black look

  4. Amazing colours this is a really inspirational collection love all of it I have noticed bare legs are a big trend for A/W xoxo

  5. Surprised to see this is Ferragamo! I don't normally care for their collections (which I tend to classify as snoozefests) but this one I like. Good call out!

    xoxo, Ashley


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