Monday, August 30, 2010

Risking it for Beauty

We all want to look beautiful. We do many things to achieve beauty. One of those things is using beauty products. Today I wanted to tell you about the risks were taking, without us being aware. I'm hoping that many of you do know, but I want to share with you guys some useful information anyway. Last time that I posted on the Chanel nail polish (love those colors by the way!) I felt bad I didn't let you guys know some safety tips. We should all know that most of the beauty products we use are made out of chemicals. However, some of those chemicals are very harmful to our health. And overtime, after repeated use eventually those chemicals will harm us in a way we wish it never did. So here are some safety tips for you to know:
  • For nail polish always check the ingredients to make sure that it does not contain formaldehyde. This is a very harmful chemical that can cause cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity. This ingredient can usually be found in nail polish, styling gel/lotion, and eyelash glue.
  • Another thing to watch out for is parabens or ingredients that end in "-paraben". This is really toxic for your organs, endocrine, and reproductive system. Parabens can be found in facial moisturizer/treatment, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, moisturizer, anti-aging products, mascara, lip gloss, facial cleanser, and eye liner.
There are of course a lot more, but I would have to create a long long list! However, I found this really neat Guide to Safe Cosmetics that I take with me everywhere in my purse. It lists all the chemicals you should avoid. I hope you guys can start to use it too. I just want you guys to know that I'm not telling you to stop using cosmetics or beauty products. All I want is to share some knowledge so that, you too can be safe, and smart about the products you use. On my side bar there is a link to a video that talks about the chemicals in cosmetics, I hope you can check it out. Also, there is this great website where you can search to see if the cosmetics you use are harmful. The website is 

I hope you found this information useful to you. I know this post is a little different from all of my other ones, but I felt the need to inform you. I hope you guys have a wonderful day today! Take care chicas! ;)



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