Thursday, November 25, 2010

Compilation from the Zara Lookbook

These set of looks are from the Zara Evening Collection and November Lookbook. I picked these out because they call my attention the most. I would wear any of these outfits, no doubt about that! I like simplicity, it's just who I am. But of course it's simplicity with a bit of pizzazz. I like to wear solids and throw in some color, prints, texture, and of course any special vintage pieces. It's about balance also.

One thing I will be looking for in the next couple of weeks will be velvet leggings. I want some! And maybe a leopard print jacket/blazer/coat that resembles to any of the above. So tell me which of these is your favorite look??

For those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who don't...Happy Thursday! Enjoy your time! Take care chicas!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Elongated Plum Cardi

Hello guys! Hows the day going for everyone? Before I say anything, i just want to thank those who have commented on my posts. Makes me really happy when I get a new comment! Who doesn't right? lol But really, thanks. I love reading your comments, and I make sure to answer back as soon as I am able. :)

So, I was able to take these shots before school yesterday. I decided to wear my new but thrifted long cardigan that I found at Goodwill. What really tickled my fancy was the color and its long-ness. For some reason I've really been digging long cardigans these past weeks. They're just great to throw on with anything!

So today, I plan to go do some early Christmas shopping. Yay! Might as well no? Hope I'm able to find some good stuff. You know, I have to admit something here: I don't know what it is, but I feel really good when I buy or give someone else something other than myself. Don't you?

Well I couldn't be any happier because the weekend is here! Hope you guys have a great start to your weekend enjoy your day! :)


Monday, November 8, 2010

It was a hot day...until now

Lately the weather has been so moody here in Los Angeles! I wore this very simple and casual outfit to school on Thursday. It really was hot that day. However, the next day was completely different. I actually caught a cold, it really sucks! I blame it on the crazy change in weather. Today, it was nice and windy though. Just perfect!

I should be working on my Patagonia report right now, but I wanted to post this before I do. By the way, if you haven't already heard about this company you should check them out. They make clothing and other goods for sports and other outdoor activities. The interesting part of this company is that they do their business while simultaneously making sure that they do not add anymore harm to our environment than it already goes through. Not only that, but they have have this feature on their website called "The Footprint Chronicles" where you can track how a particular garment came to be. It is really interesting (at least to me). As a person who hopes to one day be part of the fashion industry, I think that it is very important to be socially and environmentally responsible. I think that other companies should put an effort to do the same or better. Anyway, that's just a little thought I wanted to throw in. 

Well, I'm off to do some homework...ugh. Goodnite everybody!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lanvin picks + Celebrities wearing them

"Actress Hayley Atwell styles the Lanvin appliquéd T-shirt (£29.99 [approximately $48 usd] ) as a dress" 
This is not the same blazer Hayley is wearing,but I thought it would work as well. Not only that, but its Lanvin. :)
"Singers Roisin Murphy and Sophie Ellis-Bextor donned the one-shoulder cocktail dress (£99.99 [approximately $162 usd] ) from the Lanvin collaboration"
"Jaime Winstone looked very pleased with her show-stopping black and beige tulle gown (£149.99 [approximately $244 usd] )"
All images from
Well here are some of my picks from the Lanvin + H&M collaboration. There were many other items, but I kind of liked these the most. If I could get my hands and had to only pick one of these pieces, I would have to go for the very first image: The one shoulder dress, it's gorgeous!

I read an article from that said that many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna wanted to borrow Lanvin+H&M pieces, but H&M gave a big "No" and did not let them until November 18, the day of the fashion show. But you see this is kind of a controversy because some UK celebrities such as those in the above images are already wearing them. The images of the celebrities were taken during London’s Lanvin preview. I don't know...but that's a bit of an iffy situation, if you ask me! lol

Well I'm off to have some breakfast, then do a bit of chores and finally get ready for school. Hope you guys have an amazing day! 


Want to read more?
Elle: Madonna Can’t Borrow Lanvin for H&M, But These Brits Can Celebrities debut the Lanvin for H&M collection

Monday, November 1, 2010

Top Shop + others

How was everyone's weekend? Hope well! Mine was simply a weekend of relaxation...well sort of. I did not want to deal with anything school related this weekend...noooo way! Not after those bloody midterms!

Anywho, today I was browsing through different websites, and I came upon Topshop. I always like what Topshop has to offer. Even though I've never bought anything from there...sad :( All I do is just admire the lovely things they have, and hope to one day (eventually) come across something similar. I know they have a Topshop in New York, and I certainly can order online...but I don't know, its a bit pricey (at least for me, since I'm not working). The first six things are Topshop. Would you get these?

The last two items are from, the studded wedges are by Ash. The leopard print oxfords are by Sam Edelman. Aren't they amazing?

I'm planning on doing an outfit post soon. I don't do those fairly often because I never seem to find the time to take pictures. Another thing is that the camera I have (which isn't mine) kinda sucks. lol But enough excuses! I'll see what I can pull off. I have some very interesting pieces that I 've been collecting over time from thrift stores and what not. I would like to show them all to you eventually. Well, hope you guys had a nice day today! Until next time! :)