Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine, daisies, buttermellows

Well, in these images I am wearing a floral jumper that I bought at the local thrift store. The jumper was $6! I got my bag at the Salvation Army on Pico Blvd for $4. As for my sandals well...I got them at Payless during the winter when they were on clearance. So far my feet don't stink, but they're comfy!

Based on what I just told you, you will notice I like to thrift shop. It's not just about the price (my boyfriend tells me I'm cheap lol), but you know, its also the fact that whatever I find there won't be as over-worn and burnt-out like apparel from stores like Forever 21. (I do shop there too sometimes...its a guilty pleasure... :|) So now you know a little about my shopping preferences. :)



  1. which Salvation Army thrift store do u go to?I live in the Pico Union area and I cant find any good thrift stores to go to.

  2. @ Anonymous: It's on Pico Blvd, I honestly don't remember the other cross street, but I know that its close to Union. You can also try this really neat thrift store on Olympic and Soto its called Deseret Industries. I go there A LOT! lol Hope I helped!


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