Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shoe Mix

I was browsing online today and I found these shoes. The cool thing about these is that they are affordable! Who doesn't like that?! Click on the image to redirect you to the store it comes from. I'm making it short today because I have some errands to do. Hope you guys enjoy! Have a lovely day!

♥ Daisy

Monday, August 30, 2010

Risking it for Beauty

We all want to look beautiful. We do many things to achieve beauty. One of those things is using beauty products. Today I wanted to tell you about the risks were taking, without us being aware. I'm hoping that many of you do know, but I want to share with you guys some useful information anyway. Last time that I posted on the Chanel nail polish (love those colors by the way!) I felt bad I didn't let you guys know some safety tips. We should all know that most of the beauty products we use are made out of chemicals. However, some of those chemicals are very harmful to our health. And overtime, after repeated use eventually those chemicals will harm us in a way we wish it never did. So here are some safety tips for you to know:
  • For nail polish always check the ingredients to make sure that it does not contain formaldehyde. This is a very harmful chemical that can cause cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity. This ingredient can usually be found in nail polish, styling gel/lotion, and eyelash glue.
  • Another thing to watch out for is parabens or ingredients that end in "-paraben". This is really toxic for your organs, endocrine, and reproductive system. Parabens can be found in facial moisturizer/treatment, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, moisturizer, anti-aging products, mascara, lip gloss, facial cleanser, and eye liner.
There are of course a lot more, but I would have to create a long long list! However, I found this really neat Guide to Safe Cosmetics that I take with me everywhere in my purse. It lists all the chemicals you should avoid. I hope you guys can start to use it too. I just want you guys to know that I'm not telling you to stop using cosmetics or beauty products. All I want is to share some knowledge so that, you too can be safe, and smart about the products you use. On my side bar there is a link to a video that talks about the chemicals in cosmetics, I hope you can check it out. Also, there is this great website where you can search to see if the cosmetics you use are harmful. The website is www.cosmeticsdatabase.com 

I hope you found this information useful to you. I know this post is a little different from all of my other ones, but I felt the need to inform you. I hope you guys have a wonderful day today! Take care chicas! ;)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

If you haven't already heard this group, give them a listen. Maybe you'll like them. This group is from Ireland and they have a very catchy tunes. At least for me, these songs are the ones that I most listen from them. They kind of remind of Phoenix sometimes. Hope you like them! Have a nice friday! :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khaki Nails

Image from LA Times
I am loving these khaki colors from Chanel! Aren't they freakin' great!? I read on nylon Newsletter that they're not even in stores yet, until September 8. However, if you don't feel like waiting that long, their article gave ideas on how to create these colors by mixing colors at home. Here's how:

Main color: Use Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails in “Chocolate”
Add: Brucci Nail Hardener in “Crème De Cocoa”
And a drop of: American Apparel’s “Summer Peach”

Main color: American Apparel’s “Summer Peach”
Add: Brucci Nail Hardener in “Crème De Cocoa”
And a drop of: Any bright green

Main color: Brucci Nail Hardener in “Crème De Cocoa”
Add: American Apparel’s “Summer Peach”
And a drop of: Any bright red"

To read more on this article by Ali Hoffman visit Nylon's website.

-Daisy :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All things Camel and Neutral

1. Knitted Shrug- topshop, 2. Cardigan - topshop, 3. Knitted top - topshop, 4.Cardigan- Madewell, 5. Bag - F21, 6. Shoes- F21, 7. Beret - topshop, 8. Silky Blouse - Sears, 9.Polka Dot Blouse - Uniqlo

These are some items I found while browsing online today (except for the sears one, i had already post about it). These hues are everywhere! I would really love to have all these things! Wouldn't you? I'm in love with sweaters right now, I don't know why. lol I'm also into blouses right now. I'm thinking about checking out the thrift store tomorrow...go out on a little blouse adventure! lol Alright you guys, thanks everyone for stopping by, makes me feel glad that I'm not the only one who reads my blog! lol just kidding! Have a wonderful one!

-Daisy :)

p.s. My french curve ruler hasn't arrived...I'm getting impatient! Hope it comes soon...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Medieval Damsel

"Medieval Damsel" is my Fall 2010 collection. I made this year during the spring. I was inspired by the movie "Robin Hood" and this is what came out of it! This was actually a project for my Textile Design class. I designed everything, except for the croquis, with Adobe Illustrator. The croquis I got from designersnexus.com. I believe I mentioned a bit on it in the Nanette Lepore post. The objective of the project was to create four or more textile designs, create a target market, choose a season, choose a specific area of product, and make 15 different colorways. I chose apparel of course. I've been so surprised because the style of the belt is so in right now! Well anyway, hope you guys like my designs. I would have loved to make this come to life, but to get my textile designs on fabric will probably be costly. Maybe in the near future when I start earning some money! :D Well, hope you are having a nice day!


p.s. Keep stopping by! I have many DIYs I want to do and show you, but I'm waiting on my french curve ruler to arrive so that I work on my patterns! Thanks, arrivederci! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Il grande Ferragamo!

Images from style.com
Another great collection for Fall 2010. This one is from Salvatore Ferragamo! This collection is one of my very favorites, the rich color palette, the contrasts, the forms, the combination of textures, its just awesome! These hues are very in for the fall, by the way. I really love these colors apart from the ones used in Nanette Lepore's collection. My absolute favorite was the belted cardigan with contrasting pockets. But I mean they're all beautiful. Well, hope you enjoyed! I just wanted to leave you with that before I start my Saturday. What great things are you guys doing today? I'm going to see my boyfriend's band play today! I'm excited because they haven't played in a long while. Hope you guys have an amazing day!


p.s. Make sure to stop by again soon, I have many DIY's I want to share with you! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nanette Lepore

My absolute favorite! :D
Images from style.com
These are images from Nanette Lepore's RTW 2010 Fall collection. I honestly had no idea about her. Did you? I stumbled upon her when I googled "velvet". I checked her collection out, and I loved it very much. These images here were my most favorite! Especially the second to last image. What I liked about this collection were the rich colors she used: the reds, the greens, and the blues. There's a little of orange in it, I must say that even though I am not very fond of the color orange (at all), the shade of orange here works out perfectly! On style.com she mentioned her inspiration by stating, "I looked at a Renaissance portrait and bumped up the colors". I personally love the renaissance and medieval ages colors. Actually when I took a Textile Design class in the spring, I designed a collection of Medieval/Robin Hood inspired textiles for the fall. Lepore's collection reminded me of my own textile collection. Well I hope you guys liked as much as I did! Do you guys have a favorite collection? Let me know what you guys think! Hope you have an amazing fantastic weekend!! 

-Daisy :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floral Drape

F21 Necklace
Found at the thrift store couple of months ago
First things first, thanks to those who have commented on my posts! Makes me feel very happy that I actually have a few readers out there! lol Ok now, in one of my earlier posts I mentioned something about projects...well, this was one of them. It took me a while to post about it, but I finally finished! So I don't know if you also saw one of my earlier posts on Jason Wu? Well this dress is pretty much similar to its design except this is on a nice floral cotton fabric. I loved the dress so much that I decided to make it once more but in different fabric. You guys won't believe me when I tell you, but this fabric cost 50cents! It was a scrap that was long enough to make this dress. By the way thanks to my little sister, I owe her because well it was hers at first, but she was nice and sweet enough to let me have it. I will repay her by making her something nice! :) You hear that Tushka!? lol I'm very happy with the results, it came out way better than the last one. It actually fits me perfectly, I made sure of that! lol Well, I hope you guys keep coming back to me. I have more projects in mind, I'm hoping it wont take me so long next time. Well, have nice day you guys!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wish I had...

Here's another DIY, well sort of. These shorts were once pants. I bought these at one of my fav thrift stores for 3 bucks! The top I also bought at the thrift store, I love it because its very fresh to wear! It's fun looking through thrift store goods and modifying them. How many of you like to do the same?

Oh! One more thing!...So how many of you have a long, long, long, long list of things that you wish you could have? Don't you guys hate it when you want something and you can't get it? There's something I've been wishing for a while back and it is this...
These Chloe shoes are so cute! I wish I could have them, but they're expensive for me. Plus they're hard to find! I think Barney's was out of stock. But I'm hoping there's a more affordable version of these somewhere! I first saw them on Alexa Chung in the image below like 2 months ago. I love these because they're so versatile, I bet you can wear these with anything! What do you guys think?