Monday, November 1, 2010

Top Shop + others

How was everyone's weekend? Hope well! Mine was simply a weekend of relaxation...well sort of. I did not want to deal with anything school related this weekend...noooo way! Not after those bloody midterms!

Anywho, today I was browsing through different websites, and I came upon Topshop. I always like what Topshop has to offer. Even though I've never bought anything from there...sad :( All I do is just admire the lovely things they have, and hope to one day (eventually) come across something similar. I know they have a Topshop in New York, and I certainly can order online...but I don't know, its a bit pricey (at least for me, since I'm not working). The first six things are Topshop. Would you get these?

The last two items are from, the studded wedges are by Ash. The leopard print oxfords are by Sam Edelman. Aren't they amazing?

I'm planning on doing an outfit post soon. I don't do those fairly often because I never seem to find the time to take pictures. Another thing is that the camera I have (which isn't mine) kinda sucks. lol But enough excuses! I'll see what I can pull off. I have some very interesting pieces that I 've been collecting over time from thrift stores and what not. I would like to show them all to you eventually. Well, hope you guys had a nice day today! Until next time! :)



  1. I love the third one and the leapord shoes! <333 I didn't study that much or finish reading for our midterm. I just wrote what I could. I think I did ok.
    I'll post my clothing shop this weekend for sure. I was too busy.
    I know!! Those bloody midterms!X(((
    I love Topshop!! But I can't afford!
    I can't wait for you outfit post!!
    P.S. We need to get together and drink coffee sometime, and hopefully we could do a photoshoot together! :DDD
    See you tomorrow!

  2. Fall colors are amazing:) Looking forward to the outfit post!


  3. Great blog!!! I love the leopard print shoes!!! I soooooo wish that TopShop shipped to Canada - hopefully they will soon!!!


  4. You've got great taste - I love everything! Cute background <3

    KF x

  5. Wow, I love it (:
    The brown blazer and the first black bag are definitley must-haves for me! (:

  6. I am dying for that first one!

    Love Grace.

  7. the first bag is a definite yes.

  8. El primer vestido me ha gustado mucho, sobretodo el color!!
    saludos Daisy!

  9. ooooh the bags!!!<3

  10. omg. i want the whole collection. & your blog is very pretty.

    want to follow each other?



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