Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lanvin picks + Celebrities wearing them

"Actress Hayley Atwell styles the Lanvin appliquéd T-shirt (£29.99 [approximately $48 usd] ) as a dress" 
This is not the same blazer Hayley is wearing,but I thought it would work as well. Not only that, but its Lanvin. :)
"Singers Roisin Murphy and Sophie Ellis-Bextor donned the one-shoulder cocktail dress (£99.99 [approximately $162 usd] ) from the Lanvin collaboration"
"Jaime Winstone looked very pleased with her show-stopping black and beige tulle gown (£149.99 [approximately $244 usd] )"
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Well here are some of my picks from the Lanvin + H&M collaboration. There were many other items, but I kind of liked these the most. If I could get my hands and had to only pick one of these pieces, I would have to go for the very first image: The one shoulder dress, it's gorgeous!

I read an article from that said that many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna wanted to borrow Lanvin+H&M pieces, but H&M gave a big "No" and did not let them until November 18, the day of the fashion show. But you see this is kind of a controversy because some UK celebrities such as those in the above images are already wearing them. The images of the celebrities were taken during London’s Lanvin preview. I don't know...but that's a bit of an iffy situation, if you ask me! lol

Well I'm off to have some breakfast, then do a bit of chores and finally get ready for school. Hope you guys have an amazing day! 


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  1. thanks!!! I adore the last dress!it´s my favourite from the collection!

  2. These are fabulous, hope you have a lovely Friday! xx

  3. OMG... I love that black mini skirt! I love it!
    ooohhhh lalala. Love your blog as well


  4. I love it all. It is so elegant but each piece has a unique and fun personality!



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  6. I love the appliquéd T-shirt! <333 I love the clutch baggg!!!! It's a must have! all the decor and the color, it fits my style!
    You know we never get the chance to talk in class :(((((
    Lol, I was lost last time you saw me in class so I apologize if I didn't recognize your voice when you said hi to me...I was having roommate problems, a bad day and I forgot to print my paper.
    I want to go shopping so bad!!
    I'll catch you after class for sure this time? We can get starbucks and chat for a while. :))) I'll just wait when class is over on Tuesday.
    I'm writing the Patagoina report right's really facinating.
    Have a wonderful rest of a weekend!

  7. The yellow one is fantastic.

    keep in touch

  8. I love lanvin. I think it;s good they didnt let celebs wear it before anyone else. thanks for the lovely comment you left me :)


  9. Those t-shirts are so cute <3
    And the one shoulder dresses, I love them!

  10. Ese primer vestido color UVA es bellísimo!! Me encantó esta colaboración, son piezas más economicas y con el sello Lanvin. Todo es precioso!!!


  11. I love the bright yellow ruffle dress, definitely my fav!

  12. love lanvin+h&m collaboration!!!

  13. Oooh, those leopard heels would go so well with with a cute cocktail dress. Love the little crystals on the back of the heels.



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