Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waiting on you...

Hi guys! How was your day? Well, it did not stop raining here in Los Angeles. It's been raining since Friday! I kinda want it to dry up already, but I guess LA needs the rain. It was a pretty nice and comfy today. I spent the day with the boyfriend, we ate Tam's (local burger drive thru, the fries are delicious btw) and we watched Lord of the Rings part 2 and 3. Even though they were super looooong I thought the movies were quite interesting. I hadn't really watched these movies before...I know I'm quite late on them. lol But I gave them a try, especially because my boyfriend really likes these so...why not!

Oh! So these shoes here from Bakers by Chelsea Crew are my little Christmas present from me to me. Haha! I know sounds a little egotistical. But hey! I ended up earning very good grades this Fall quarter so, its a way to reward myself. :D Even though I'm super broke now because of that bloody traffic ticket, but its all good! I can't wait to have these on my feet already! Would you guys wear these?



  1. Always nice to reward yourself, the boots look awesome! :)

  2. this is such a nice pair of shoes! i should think of what to get for myself for christmas too :D xxxx <3

  3. OMG, Lord of the rings are some of my favorite movies of all time! classics! i can watch them over and over again:) <3 Viggo <3
    xoxo Sienna

  4. We have snow here in the UK! :) it's really pretty but it's screwing up all travel and the main roads... which is not so good!

    I LOVE the boots! What a fantastic buy! I would totally wear them :) Mind you, I have seen many boots on that website that I love. I'm trying to resist temptation or my bank balance will cry x x

  5. they look amazing and comfortable. i love wedges

  6. hey thanks for droppin by :) im your new follower now! :D wanna follow each other? ;) xxx <3

  7. oh my gosh. these are the shoes i have been looking for... THANK YOU thank you thank you for posting them!!!

  8. Sounds like you had a great time with your bf! I've watched all the lord of the rings movies! :D hehehe i'm so a geek!
    I kind of love the rain! It brings sense of excitement! My sis is a chicken.
    I want those shoes for Christmas. But I truly want a industrial sewing machine, dress form and art supplies all for my profession. it's a good investment.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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