Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Wow...when I saw these, I became enchanted. I love the whole Byzantine theme, its gooorgeous! I love the color palette, the embellishments, and the little jewels/stones. It's all very beautifully executed. I loved how Lagerfeld combined Byzantine elements with like 60's silhouettes, what a genius! If you want to see the rest check the collection out at

Oh! Good news you guys...I am finally done with fall quarter! Today was my last day of finals. I had my philosophy final exam today and I am sooooo relieved! Glad that is all over with.You know what this means? I'll be able to blog more often now, well for the next couple of weeks. lol

Well, come back soon! Enjoy your day! :)



  1. I actually want most of this collection! Like you say, the embellishment is genius :)

    Great post, looking forward to more in the future x x

  2. the dresses are stunning! i really like the grey one, very feminine and elegant...(well, they are all are though=) xx

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  3. I love this collection too, especially the purple flowing dress, aw, so so beautiful!


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